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Planet Oat
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A Lotta Lotls

VCU Brandcenter Project
Art Director: Dom Khun | UI/UX Designer: Michelle Chiu
Tools: Figma | Procreate

This is an axolotl :)


But sadly... :(
There's not a lot of axolotls

Axolotls are almost extinct in the wild because of excessive water pollution, loss of habitat, invasive species, and overfishing. AND THE PROBLEM DOESN'T STOP HERE.... As axolotls gain popularity in media, more and more people want to keep them as pets. There is an increasing amount of them in captivity through the exotic pet trade.

Alotl Problems 
Impulsiveness + Exotic Pets

As a result of impulsive buying, people who aren't prepared for or get tired of their trendy pets make these animals susceptible to inbreeding, surrenders in mass numbers, possible impact to local ecosystems when they are released into the wild, and their deaths by neglect.

Copy of A Lotta Lotls v2.jpg


With an increase interest in axolotls as domestic pets, how might we educate people about axolotls' proper care and/or provide a stimulation for what it is like to care for an axolotl?


We created a mobile game designed to reflect the realistic basic care of axolotls. This app provides an introductory or alternative option to owning axolotls.

alotta lotls phone mockup2.png

Collaboration with
World Wildlife Fund

WWF is the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species. Partnering with WWF will help raise awareness for axolotls, promote the game, and fundraise for axolotl conservations.

Case Study Video

A Lotta Lotls Style Guide.png

A Lotta Lotls

A Lotta Lotls is a mobile app with customizable features that is designed to reflect the realistic basic care of axolotls and the app provides an introductory or alternative option to owning axolotls.

New Game Screens

New Game

Users will start on a new file when they first begin.

Setting up your axolotl's home

Just like in real life, axolotl owners need to set up their tank first before homing their axolotl. 


Axolotls require cool, clean water. You’ll need a good-sized aquarium which has been properly cycled. For one axolotl, a 15-gallon tank is sufficient, as long as it’s more wide than tall. The water should be still, and should stay between 60 and 65°F, with the pH levels between 6.5 and 8.

As far as tank setup, you can use sand for substrate. Add plants, caves, and pots for hiding spaces, and an air stone for oxygenation. (Galena Animal Medical Clinic 2023).

Basic Care

After setting up your axolotl's home. Now what? 


You need to know how to keep your axolotl happy.

You can offer your pet a variety of meat, such as bloodworms, frozen brine, and even beef heart. They do prefer live food, so you’ll need to ‘wiggle’ your pet’s dinner to make it look like it’s moving.

The left meter shows your axolotl's hunger level and the hearts show their happiness level.


Load Screens

Load Game

Users can load a saved file if they already started one.

Your axolotl misses you!

When you are away for a few hours, your axolotl's hunger and happiness meter will go down. So don't forget to check in on your lotl or they will be sad and as an axolotl owner you don't want that.



The tasks in Missions are designed to reflect the basic care of axolotls.

After completing a mission, users will earn coins which are used to purchase items in the Shop.

Learn more about an axolotl's feeding time, tank care, and behavior here and here!

alotta 2.png
alotta missions.png
daily mission mockup.png

Daily Mission

A Daily Mission is a task users can do once a day to earn extra coins.

Users have the option to choose one of the two daily mission to complete.


Users can use coins earned from missions to buy items in the Shop.

Items include:

  • Food to feed their axolotl

  • Eggs to care for another axolotl

  • Plants and Decorations to create an enriching home for their axolotl

alotta shop.png
alotta settings.png


Here users can control the audio of the game, change the graphic quality and language, and transfer their data to another mobile device.

alotta social.png

Instagram Ads

Widget and App Store

Users can see their virtual axolotl swimming in the widget and if they been away for a while, their axolotl will send them a sweet reminder.


A Lotta Lolts merch will be sold on WWF's website under the axolotl section and funds earned from the merch will be donated to axolotl conservations.

AAL shirt pink.png
AAL shirt blue.png
AAl shirt brown.png
AAL shirt pink back.png
AAL shirt blue back.png
AAL shirt brown back.png
AAL heart hat.png
AAL hat white.png
AAL tote blue.png
AAL tote white.png
Albino (1).png
BlueBlack (1).png
BrownPlushie-1 (1).png


My Reflection

A Lotta Lotls is my first attempt at game design and I am very happy to have worked on this with my art director (and guardian of 2 axolotls), Dom. Designing a game is no easy task and I have a lot of respect for game designer/developers. 


Lessons and skills I learned from this project:

  • Game design is no joke

  • How to animate in Figma

  • A white canvas on Figma is scary

  • If you don't know where to start, sketch it out on paper

  • I love Pinterest

Dom's babies --->

Copy of A Lotta Lotls v2.png
Copy of A Lotta Lotls v2.jpg
Copy of A Lotta Lotls v2.jpg

A Lotta Lotls

Art Director: Dom Khun | UI/UX Designer: Michelle Chiu

Tools: Figma | Procreate

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Frame 7.png

A mobile game designed to reflect the realistic basic care of axolotls.

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