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VCU Brandcenter: Live Client Brief

Strategists: Sarah Newman and Keith Johnson | Brand Manager: Andrew Harper 
Art Director: Taylor Martin | Copywriter: Cameron Norman | Designer: Michelle Chiu

Tool: Figma

The Ask

Brady is a non-profit organization committed to ending gun violence. We need a strategic platform that can live on for years, even decades. A campaign to bring the strategic platform to life. Things that make people see their world, their country and their future, differently. 


America’s culture of guns is predicated on a lie. The idea that more guns make us safer is false. This is marketing, concocted by the NRA and big business, to sell more products.


How might Brady be the voice and reminder for gun safety?

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When safety is a concern, many companies have repackaged their products to address it (EX: Tide Pods + Ikea dressers). Why hasn’t the NRA done the same thing with guns?


Brady needs to repackage what it means to be safe around guns.


Safety Not Guaranteed

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How do we start this conversation?

Starting with this car spot we want to show a clear parallel to something that has changed over time to be safer due to accidents and tragedies. We are now at a point where it is absolutely ridiculous to think about a car not having safety features - such as airbags, seatbelts, and safety breaks. We want to apply this thought to firearms as well.

Creating buzz

To create buzz around our spot we will partner with celebrities that align with Brady's mission: To end gun violence 

Our allies in gun control will partner with us to take this conversation to social media. We’ll send them the spot early and ask them to share their opinion.


Grabbing the internet's attention

By creating confusion and monstrosity, we keep the conversation going and sparking more buzz.


The Reveal

Brady will take over Times Square with out-of-home (OOH) ads and finally revealing the purpose behind the car campaign. This clears up the confusion that is held with the car messaging to show that safety wasn't guaranteed with a vehicle until the people stepped in to change that.


The OOHs will have the same words and purpose as the car spot - but with firearm imagery. The OOHs reveal the true purpose behind this campaign - that safety is not guaranteed with guns. 



We understand that the OOHs will grab people's attention, but the ads will not be up forever, so how can Brady be the constant reminder for gun safety?

Brady Label

We want the ultimate goal for Brady is to push for safety labels on all firearm packaging to remind people that owning a gun is a huge responsibility. 


Having to physically rip the sticker label off the box will help cement Brady as the entity for safe gun ownership.


QR Code

With the Brady safety label comes a QR code for gun owners to scan for gun safety information and reminders.

Website + App Store

The QR code will prompt you to the Brady website on mobile where you can sign up for email notifications from Brady and download the new Brady app for more information.

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Device (25).png
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Brady App

We created a Brady app to keep users informed about gun laws and safety.

Home Screen

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Gun Laws by State

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Device (32).png
Device (31).png

Push Notifications

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Device (34).png
Device (35).png


brady figma

Media/Comms Plan

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My Reflection

This project really challenged me as a designer and individual. Most design projects I've done are fun, light-heart, and colorful; however, this one involved a sensitive topic and the branding was 180 degrees to what I am used to working with.


I appreciate that I had a chance to work with Brady on gun safety and making an impact to ending gun violence.


Lessons and skills I learned from this project:

  • Understanding people's political views, be unbiased

  • Each state have their own gun laws, although it is confusing, it's important to have a basic knowledge about it

  • I designed out of my comfort zone and I'm proud of that

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VCU Brandcenter: Live Client Brief

Strategists: Sarah Newman and Keith Johnson | Brand Manager: Andrew Harper 
Art Director: Taylor Martin | Copywriter: Cameron Norman | Designer: Michelle Chiu

Tool: Figma

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