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Planet Oat

Facebook Dating MMO

5-Week Independent Project

Tools: Figma | Illustrator | MidJourney | Photoshop | Procreate

Online Dating
In an ideal scenario!

  1. The Profile Set-Up

  2. The Swiping Phase

  3. The Messaging Stage

  4. The First Date <3

5. The Second Date <3 <3

6. The Exclusivity Talk

7. The Relationship

8. The Long-Term Commitment 

Online dating...
Is a pain (period).

About 80% of online dating matches end in ghosting* or stuck in the talking phases (Forbes Health).

*Ghosting - when someone abruptly end communication with another person without explanation.

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Meet Johnny

FBI User Persona


How might we spark connections beyond the user’s basic profile for 

online dating?


By creating a RPG-like dating experience, the dry conversations and ghosting in online dating can be changed into fun conversations and engaging activities.

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Facebook Dating MMO

Facebook Dating MMO takes Facebook Dating and combine it with aspects of cozy role-playing games. 

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fbo phone mockup.png

Creating your avatar

Here users will create their in-game avatar. This includes customizable skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, miscellaneous, and outfits.

Group 61-1.png
fbo phone - chat and movement.png

Chat and movements

Users control their avatars using the joysticks on the bottom screen. 

When users tap on another user they have the option to chat or visit their dating profile.

Group 61-3.png
fbo phone mockup arcade.png


The Arcade is an area where users can play classic video games (like Pac-Man, Frogger, and Tetris) with other users.. 

Group 61-4.png
fbo phone mockup park.png


The Park is an area where users can decorate their in-game house (The Tent)  and visit other user's tent.

Group 61-5.png
fbo phone mockup bar.png


The Bar is an area where users can treat other users to food delivery using TreatStream.

TreatStream is a platform where users can send you food delivery while keeping all information secure and confidential.

Map Summary

Screen Shot 2024-01-23 at 12.39.27 PM.png


My Reflection

Growing up I played a lot video games with my brother and cousins. Video games and the virtual world are topics that interest me. 


So I had a thought: Wouldn’t online games work well with online dating? Gamers make online friends with the help of the in-game contents and activities and with online dating being so awkward, wouldn’t it make sense to have something merging elements from MMO games and online dating?

That is how my project Facebook Dating MMO was born. Facebook Dating MMO combines its already existing Facebook Dating and adding elements from games like Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing to it.  I am really proud of this work because I took something I love and created a new experience for online dating.

Facebook Dating MMO

5-Week Independent Project

Tools: Figma | Illustrator | MidJourney | Photoshop | Procreate

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Taking online dating and combining it with aspects of cozy role-playing games. 

popeyes chicken logo_edited.jpg
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Frame 7.png

A mobile game designed to reflect the realistic basic care of axolotls.

brady portfolio.png
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Campaign | Strategy | UX/UI

A campaign to remind gun owners the responsibility of owning firearms.

Let's make

How might Popeyes create a more engaging app experience?

hasbro portfolio.png
Slide 16_9 - 34 (6).png

A redesign of Hasbro's D2C platform by adding sprinkles of fun experiences.

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